We are the team behind OiOiOi and we are parents too. We started OiOiOi because we faced the problem with baby clothing ourselves. Not knowing what you need before the baby arrives is stressful and results in a lot of unneccesary purchases. Running around from one second-hand fair to the next to live more eco and on a budget resulted tiring and frustrating. We found the quality of high-street fashion was not up for reusing the items for multiple babies...and the list goes on and on. Let's be honest, the result is too much textile waste, too many unneccessarily produced clothes and too little that we give back to earth and workers.

So, our vision is to revolutionise how you get your bumps, babies and kids dressed. Renting makes sense wherever we use an item for a short period of time - financially and ecologically. We want to provide you all the ease of sharing and all the savings of living sustainably and last but not least, amazing bundles of clothes that spark that feeling of a freshly made hotel bed.

Having young kids is such an intense time. We feel you! We want to release you from searching, sorting, storing and selling. Let us provide you a service instead of more stuff so you can spend some quality time with your little one. Meet the people behind the scenes making this happen.

  • Anna Mucha

    Designing products & services that benefit customers & the environment

  • Belén Bolliger

    Creating a unique brand experience for the growing community of conscious parents

  • Magnus Kanholt

    Building a tech-enabled rental business that pioneers

  • Muck Baumann

    Quirky customer success manager with a passion for sustainability

  • Lena Gisler

    Midwife totally tuning in with our customers

Looking for a job opportunity full of purpose and perspective - or do you have a feedback to us as a team?