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Family photo shooting

Time is so precious when you have a newborn, you want to hold on to these dear moments. Photographs are such a nice way to walk down memory lane. How about booking a session for the young family? On a low budget? No problem. Get your own camera/phone, browse some posing options online and reserve a day with good, bright weather for a stunning family portrait. 

Memory box

Tiny footprints, anecdotes of the first days, the first haircut, collected treasures. What a nice way to remember ones' childhood through a memory box. We really like the one from fermliving, but you can totally craft one yourself or check on etsy.

Baby clothing subscription

Yes, this is what we do at OiOiOi. We offer bundles of organic baby clothes for rent. It’s a monthly subscription service and once the baby outgrows his or her clothes, parents simply swap the bundle for a new size. It’s circular, sustainable and so easy. It allows parents to focus on spending time with the baby instead of hassling with sizes, fits, storage, laundry and re-selling. Our vouchers start at CHF 50.- and are such a nice and sustainable present. 


Take-Away food vouchers

If there’s one thing you’re short of when you have a newborn, it’s time. Cooking becomes an additional thing you have to do, and you probably don’t feel like going to a restaurant with a newborn. So, take-away vouchers of the parents’ favorite restaurant or café are the real deal. Moms which are recovering from birth and breastfeeding need extra energy through good, nutritious food.

Time-out & baby sitting

The baby can’t be away from the caretaker for too long at the beginning, but mama sure needs a break sometimes. To shower, to take a nap and later for post-natal exercises. A 1-2 hour break can really help. So show up, be present, take the baby for a walk and some fresh air so that the parents can breathe a bit. This is your time to bond and get to know this little miracle.

Bring food with you

When a baby is born, everybody wants to come and visit. While this is so, so nice, hosting can be stressful for the new parents. Don’t ever expect that they have time to cook for you on top of handling a newborn, so be kind and bring food with you. Something homemade, their favorite treats, a snack box and if you are a really good friend, something on top that they can freeze and eat later ;)


Photography from above and close-up with a wood background of an off-white knitted baby folded cardigan from OiOiOi on a off-white baby folded onesie from OiOiOi with a baby hand wearing striped brun and white long shirt from OiOiOi touching the cardigan


Babies like to be warm, wrapped and cozy. A blanket, warm booties and maybe a hat for winter are a good idea. We love the essential accessories of hvid. If you invest in good quality accessories, they can be passed on to many more babies. Ask the parents to be what essentials they would like. They for sure have something in mind here.

Useful “Tools”

Babyslings or a baby carriers are really practical tools. The newborn likes to be carried close to the body and you have your hands free for doing things. This book is dedicating a whole chapter to “wearing the baby close”. We really like the brands rookie for carriers and moby, made from organic cotton. There are also a ton of 2nd hand options available online. The parents probably need to try out some options before they find their fit, so keep the receipt.

On the way

When you’re out and about with baby, practicality and organization are key to feel at ease. So, how about a pram organizer, best matching the brand of the stroller? Or a practical changing pouch? Oh, and for practically every occasion, musselin cloths are endlessly useful; for spit-ups, to use as a changing mat, for covering the stroller when they sleep. Check out this Swiss brand here: petitstellou.


Photography from profil of a happy smiling mother with white skin and black hairs attached and an earring smiling and holding in front of her her cute smiling little baby watching her and wearing a green outfit from OiOiOi a green cardigan from OiOiOi with under it a striped green and white long sleeve t-shirt and a clear green pant from OiOiOi

Bath time

Bathing and massaging the baby can help them relax. Good baby bath foam and oil are essentials the parents will definitely need. We like the gift set from marelle, all organic of course. When babies are a bit older and splish splash in the tub, take a look at the hevea bath toys. Unlike usual plastic products, they are made from natural rubber and have no holes where mould can form. 

Mama care

Mom deserves to be spoiled. For the ones who really lack time for even a shower, dry shampoo is a life-saver. Post-partum bath essences and sprays are also great to encourage healing. You can usually get them in the pharmacy.

For when the baby’s a few months old, massage vouchers for mama are heaven. Breastfeeding and carrying the baby around can strain the neck and back badly. If the budget is a bit too low for a massage, check out the products from sokind. They have a home-spa kit for moms-to-be and moms.

Photography from above: Gift box with OiOiOi gift card, brown cuddly toy, beige socks, lying on white background


…only few people own. A good baby gift “wows” the parents and makes them feel heard and surprises them. It’s a beautiful act of giving.

Lots of baby things look sweet and cute, but are they really useful? Will the baby actually use it or does it just pile up somewhere? Are we really considering the baby’s and the newly parents’ needs?

The truth is, babies need very little things when they’re born, but what they do require for sure is love and care from the people around them. So, how about supporting the people that nurture this newborn’s heart & soul?

You will be surprised to see that a lot of “gifts” are no things at all. The gift ideas are also rather destined for the new parents instead of the newborn. And yes, this mama nurtured and carried this little baby in her belly for 9 month and gave birth, she deserves all the credits!

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