Saving money by renting? Oh yes! By renting your baby clothes through OiOiOi, the environment benefits as well as your budget. But how exactly do you compare the rental prices in a subscription model with a traditional purchase in retail? Take a look at the two examples lined up here.


Mama Mia (yes, that's her name) gets a MAXI plan for her little Hugo. This covers around 75% of baby Hugo's clothing needs.

​She pays 99.- per month for 15 items of clothing in each bundle, that's CHF 6.60 per item of clothing per month rent.

On average, Hugo needs a new size of clothes every 7 weeks, which translates into CHF 12  per item per use.

Mia would have paid CHF 36 for the same, high-quality item of clothing when buying new.

Mia saves 70% by renting instead of buying at OÏOÏOÏ. Very smart, Mia.

  • every 7 weeks

    our little customers are outgrowing their size on average. Tiktok, tiktok,...

  • on average 70 %

    Is what our customers save by renting with us instead of buying new


Papa José receives an awesome gift from his work colleagues for the birth of little Sofia: a MEGA annual plan. Sofia is equipped with matching baby clothes made of organic cotton for her entire first year.

The MEGA annual subscription with 20 pieces per bundle is available for CHF 1'285.- in our shop, which corresponds to a price of CHF 5.70 per item of clothing per month.

On average, babies in the first year of life outgrow six sizes, from size 50 to 80. José swaps the clothes for the next size at any time, whenever Sofia is ready.

In retail, José would have spent a around CHF 4'320.- on this amount of clothing. By renting with OÏOÏOÏ, he saves CHF 3'035.- per year. What a nice present!

  • 6 SIZES

    need our customers on average in their first year

  • 132 items of clothing

    is about how much a (minimalist) parent accumulates in one year