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How OiOiOi works

The choice is yours! Our rental plans with 5 - 20 clothing items are available on a monthly basis, with only 1 month notice period for flexible cancellation or you can go for a worry-free package with our yearly subscription and profit from a discounted price.

Here is how it works:
1. Pick your plan (size of your bundle). Pay monthly or yearly.
2. Choose your child's clothes and fill your bundle.
3. Wear. Normal wear & tear is insured, free delivery & return.
4. Swap. Change size anytime or do a bundle refresh from size 80 onwards every 3 months.

When to start a subscription

You can buy your plan anytime and choose the start date of your subscription. The first payment is at checkout, the next one 1 month after your subscription start date.

5 days before your subscription start date, you will receive access to the wardrobe to fill your first bundle.


For the monthly plans, the minimum subscription period is one month. After one month, you can cancel your subscription anytime in your member profile to the next payment cycle. Golden rule: all clothes need to be returned and arrive at OiOiOi 5 days before the expiration date date for the notice to take effect or the subscription will be extended by another month.

The yearly plans can be cancelled 1 month before the expiration. If this is not done, the plan renews for another year. Same rule: if you decide to cancel, all items need to be returned and arrive at OiOiOi 5 days before that expiration deadline or the subscription continues.

You can cancel your subscription and see your payment cycle in the member area.

Bundle content

You can fill your bundle with items you like or opt for a stylist's pick where we create a bundle for you. Please note that one subscription is meant to serve one baby, so there are certain product limitations which you will see when filling your bundle. For instance, only one overall per MAXI subscription is allowed, to ensure there is enough for all OiOiOi babies. The community thanks you for respecting this!

Bundle swap

Please login to your member area to swap your bundle. You can upsize anytime or swap for a bundle in the same size after 2 months usage.

Mixing sizes

We advise that all of the items in your bundle have the same size, because we are resizing all of our brands' items before they are uploaded into the shop - exactly, so you don't have to do this and everything fits. We do provide replacements for clothes that don't fit within 10 days of your order.


The clothes in your bundle should fit your baby. Should an item be too small or faulty, you can request a replacement item for free within 10 days of your order.

Log-in to the member area to request a replacement.

Upgrade or Downgrade

You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at every bundle swap. The next monthly charge will be adapted according to your newly selected plan. There are no refunds in between payment cycles.

Partial return

Bundled items should always be shipped together, as a bundle. Even if you have some items from the bundle that still fit, all items must be returned. This way, we reduce shipping emissions and you can refresh your wardrobe every time you swap your bundle.

Should you have forgotten to return something, you can send it separately to this address:


Eschenstrasse 10

8603 Schwerzenbach

Buy items

If you fall in love, you can buy and keep an item after renting it. Log in to the member area to make a price request.

Where we ship to

We ship our bundles within Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany. They usually arrive within 3-5 working days from your order.

Wash & Care

Check out how you wash and care for the clothes at home - and how we do it at OiOiOi to ensure the longevity of the pieces.

Damage or loss

Items get damaged and sometimes lost, that happens. If a piece is damaged, our quality control will see if we can repair it. If a piece got lost, please submit a notification from your member area.


We are focusing on equipping your child with the essential clothing items it needs. This includes bodysuits, trousers, onesies, pyjamas, hats, cardigans, overalls, jackets, sleeping bags, rainwear and swimwear.


Our collections consists of all-season wear as well as seasonal pieces specifically for summer (sun hats, short-sleeved items, shorts, swimwear etc.) and winter (overalls, winter onesies, hats, jackets etc.)

Available sizes

We currently offer all sizes from 44 (preemie) to 92 (18-24 months)


Check out the brands you have access to here.

Environmental footprint

Check out our impact page here.