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At OiOiOi, we care for parents, the  planet and its future generations. We are committed to revolutionizing the way parents approach baby clothing by offering a full rental service so that modern parents have their babies well dressed and one task less. While parents enjoy quality time with their little ones, we take care of the growing clothing needs and effortlessly do the sharing for them.

By joining us, you have the opportunity to promote sustainability, convenience and conscious parenting at the same time!



Test OiOiOi rental service

Experience the benefits of sharing high-quality clothes conveniently and sustainably.

Reduce your ecological footprint

OiOiOi customers save on average 73% of CO2, 92% of Blue Water and 93% of textile waste compare to buying new.

Encourage conscious parenting

Together, we are revolutionising the way we dress our children and create a greener future for the next generations! 

Having kids is one of the most life changing moments - and it's when we ask ourselves: 'What kind of planet do I want to leave behind? For my child. Their children. And others"

Help others to juggle parenting

Not knowing what you need before the baby is stressful and results in a lot of unneccesary purchases. Running around from one second-hand fair to the next to live more sustainably and on a budget resulted tiring and frustrating. We found the quality of high-street fashion was not up for reusing the items for multiple babies...and the list goes on and on. Let's be honest, the result is too much textile waste, too many unnecessarily produced childrens clothes and too little that we give back to earth and workers. Help other parents too!



...are a mom or dad (to be)

...feel aligned with our values

...promote conscious parenting

...care for the planet

...live close to your community and want to add value to them

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