In their first year, babies outgrow about 6 clothing sizes, which means roughly 150 pieces of barely used clothes per year.

For us parents this does not only mean effort and expenses, but also a massive use of resources to produce all these textiles. Renting baby clothes is a practical and sustainable alternative to buying.

OiOiOi circulates soft organic cotton clothes from sustainable brands, takes over the logistics of sharing and makes sure clothes are kept in good condition. The goal is to share the clothes with as many families as possible to minimize the strain on resources for new clothes. Here is how renting with OiOiOi works:


Choose your bundle size:

MINI with 5 pieces

MIDI with 10 pieces

MAXI with 15 pieces

MEGA with 20 pieces

You can cover from 25% up to nearly 100% of your baby's wardrobe needs with OiOiOi. Select the starting size for the first delivery. We carry sizes from 44 - 92.

Pay your plan monthly or yearly. We accept all usual credit cards for payment. The first billing is on the date of purchase, the second billing 1 month after your entered due date. If your baby is already here, the plan starts immediately.

You can upgrade or downgrade your monthly plan at every size change or bundle refresh.

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Choose from 1000's of high-quality, organic clothes. We work with over 15 sustainable brands and our collection contains all essentials you need for your little one: Bodysuits, Trousers, Onesies, Pajamas, Cardigans, Hats, Overalls and Sleeping bags.

You can book a plan ahead of your baby's birth date. 30 days before due date, you will get to choose the items in your bundle. Your baby is already here? Congratulations! In that case you can fill your bundle immediately after having purchased the plan.

As you are sharing this wardrobe with others, there are certain limitations in the types of items you can add to your bundles. You will see these in the plans. All our brands' items are resized before they are uploaded to the shop, so we advise you stick to one size only when filling your bundle. We guarantee replacements if something does not fit or is faulty.

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Your bundle is delivered within 3-5 working days from order in a reusable pouch with a return label. Keep both items safe for the return.

Should you not be happy with the bundle or does something not quite fit? Log-in to your member profile and let us know.

Normal wear and tear of our clothes is insured in your plan. Use the clothes as if they were your own. We want your little ones to feel comfortable and discover the world.

Our basics are made of organic cotton that can be washed together with your clothes, color-sorted at 30-40 degrees. Head to our guide for some hacks on washing baby clothes.

Wash & Care


You can keep the clothes as long as they fit your baby. Usually, our little clients outgrow their sizes within 7 weeks. Ready for the next size? Log-in to your member profile and manage your rental. From size 80 onwards, you can request a seasonal bundle refresh after 3 months of usage.

You can return your current set as soon as you receive the new size, by using the reusable packaging and the free return label. Clothes do not have to be pre-washed before return. They will be cleaned professionally by us.

You fell in love with a piece and want to keep it? Sure thing, request this from your member profile and we'll make an offer deducting your rental fee.

Lost the return label? Here's our address: OiOiOi AG, WARENTOR 3, INDUSTRIESTRASSE 3, 8952 SCHLIEREN

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Returned clothes are washed with an eco-friendly and sensitive detergent, then checked for quality, cared for and if needed repaired or sorted for our "End-of-use bundles".

Our end-of-use bundles are sold to our community for special applications :) like playing outside in the sand or dirt, as replacement clothes at the nursery or for creative painting sessions. They shall be used a few last times before honorably concluding their service.

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